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The Modern Garage

We called this the Modern Garage because we can see that they have electricity which at the time not all repair shops did. Look closely and you can see the two wires running thru ceramic insulators and a single hanging light bulb. The car on the left is either a 1905 0r 1906 Winton four…

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British Fun

These vehicles have the appearance of being in and from the UK. Hopefully our friends in the UK and abroad who have better knowledge of what they may be can to help us identify the automobile and the motorcycle.

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Mont Ventoux Hill Climb

Mont Ventoux Hill Climb was a car and motorcycle race course near Avignon in south eastern France. The course for the Mont Ventoux Hill Climb started from the village of Bedoin and rises 5,289 feet for 13.4 miles to the observatory at the summit. It was run most years until 1973. There appears to not have been another one run…

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An Early French Postcard

A French motorcycle pictured on a board track postcard, which was postmarked 1904.  A la Sortie du Virage translates to “at the exit of a turn”. I do not know if the French raced motorcycles this early or if this was a pacing machine for bicycles. Regardless it appears to be a very advanced machine…

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