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Coming And Going

A very colorful and attractive postcard from back in the time when taking a bus trip was a big event. This card from the Colonial Lines in New York State, was showing one of the many attractions on its different routes in the state of which totaled 750 miles. c.1930 Kit Foster commented and thinks…

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Early service

In the earliest days of motoring, options for repair service were quite limited. Blacksmiths often worked on early cars (and made license plates before state issued plates came out). Here are a couple of smithys that probably worked on a few autos, and a repair shop that welcomed steamers. Note that the steam repairman still…

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1900 Locomobile

This modest machine is a 1900 Locomobile, rated at a mere 3.5 hp. However, one should not dismiss the car out of hand based on that rating. The power-to-weight ratio made these scrappy. F.O. Stanley drove a similar car to the top of Mt. Washington in 1899. Steam cars generally love hill climbing, but descending…

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