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Gettysburg has drawn people for well over a century, for so many reasons. Early motorists were no exception. Here are glimpses of some tourists in their automobiles. The first is a White roadster c. 1914-15 at the Devil’s Den. The next, also at the Devil’s Den, is one we have not been able to identify….

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An Automotive Mona Lisa

Old 16, as she is known, is a 1906 Locomobile and is without a doubt the most famous American racing car ever. It was one of a pair of racers Locomobile built that year and is shown above with Joe Tracy who drove it in the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup race. One of the two cars set the…

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A Rapid Roamer.

This is a Rochester-Duesenberg powered Roamer which was high quality assembled car. The Roamer cars were styled very similar to the Rolls Royce and are a very striking auto-mobile. In 1921 the 105 MPH for a stock based car that they set was really flying. Also see this earlier post for more four cylinder Duesenberg information.

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Drawing a crowd

What a sight it must have been, when the American entry in the New York to Paris race in 1908 rolled through Kearney, Nebraska. This is the 1907 model 35 Thomas Flyer, with a 571 cubic inch engine rated at 70hp, that survives to the present.

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