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Henri Fabre and His Seaplane

I have had this very interesting photo for sometime and with some research I was able to find out the following about this aviation pioneer. Henri Fabre was from a ship-owning family and he was interested in engineering and hydrodynamics. With a public interest in aviation in France, Fabre in 1910 decided to build a…

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Scrub-A-Dub-Model T In A Tub.

In the late 1920s the Neway Auto Wash Bowl was built in Chicago in 1924 by The Newway Auto Cleaning & Service Corp. The car was first run around in the pool of water to flush mud and dirt off of the undercarriage. It was then driven up into a stall and the car was washed in…

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Thinking about spring

This has been a long snowy winter, and one’s thoughts are apt to turn to the spring and fishing instead of more snow shoveling. Above, a Franklin with a modified cowl c. 1904. Below, a 1904 Overland model 15. No car is too small to pull a canoe when the motivation is there!

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A 1908 Mitchell and a FN Motorcycle

Here we have a Mitchell owner posing with his dog behind the wheel of his 1908 Model G roadster. The motorcycle is the Belgian made FN, the most successful of early four-cylinder machines and one of the first attempts at an intergrated design rather than the usual bicycle with clip on engine.          …

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