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1910 Peerless

A handsome 1910 Peerless runabout with some well-to-do gentlemen. The plate appears to be 1910 Pennsylvania. With Packard and Pierce photos posted earlier today, we’ve now covered the “Three P’s.” Photo from the Robert C. Laurens collection.

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We’re Back!

Remember us from about a month ago?  This photo, initially shared by David Longstreth, appeared in a February 5 post.  Said to be Barney Oldfield, observant David Greenlees suspected otherwise.  Robert Rampton noted on February 6 that this was taken at a Cactus Derby finish and suggested that the driver was Joe Nikrent.  Indeed, these gents were Joe and…

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Oh Heck

A crowd surrounds this 1906-07 Reo with “Riverside Restaurant” and “Heck’s Ice Cream” emblazoned on the side. From the looks on the faces, it doesn’t seem anyone is too excited over either prospect.

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