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Home Sweet Model T.

All the comforts of home including lace curtains, this incredible motorhome was built around a Ford Model TT truck chassis. It is a very ornate version of one of the earliest RV’s and it looks like it even has stained glass in the top panels.

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Harry Hartz-1920s AAA Racer

Harry Hartz was one of the most consistent front running drivers of the 1920s. He became the National AAA Champion in 1926. This photo was taken in 1923 at the board track at Fresno CA, although he is in the dirt infield when the photo was taken. He won the race in one of the…

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Early Gasoline

If you went for that winter ride in the Stutz shown in the photo that Tim Martin just posted, you may have had to buy your gasoline in a place like this. It was sold at drug stores as they were the only merchants that handled it early on. It came in metal gallon cans…

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Winter driving

Winter driving is not for everyone, but it has been around since cars first hit the roads. Here’s a 1912 Stutz touring that’s come back in after what looks like a good winter run. There is muck on just about every surface visible except the driver’s seat. And imagine trying to steer with those loaded…

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Super Service California Style

Check out these photos of the Wilshire Super Service in Santa Monica, California and be sure to click on them to see the great detail in the enlargements. With the automobile boom there was much income to be derived by large scale and professional auto care. This firm had that all figured out and had…

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