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The Great Depression

This photo was taken on March 8, 1932, in front of Ford’s River Rouge plant which was supposedly was the largest factory in the world at the time. The photo is showing a hunger march that was staged there which was also referred to as a Communist Riot. This may have been the seed that…

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Motorcycles On The Boards

This great photo is from a wonderful motorcycle website called the Vintagent where you can learn more about motorcycle board track racing. Also enjoy the incredible video below of motorcycle racing on the boards at what appears to be the Sheepshead Bay track, with and without sidecars

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The Salem Boards

The beautiful cover art that Tony De Seta posted reminded me of this photo of a sad day on the dangerous board tracks. The dip you can see in the middle of the photo is not a defect in the photo but was actually there. If  recollection serves correctly it was caused by a stream…

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