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Baby Bugatti

No pedal car, this “baby Bugatti” is one of about 450 built and survives to the present. This particular one was owned by the royal family in Belgium. They were powered by a 12v motor geared to the rear axle.

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A Mile A Minute….

This 1910 Oldsmobile Limited Roadster was one of the makers most impressive automobiles ever. The Limited in 1910 featured a 130 inch wheel base and a large 505 c.i. t-head, six cylinder engine and rode on huge 42 x 4.5 inch tires. The limited in the postcard photo above is shown with the very interesting Royal…

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America’s Best Built Car, The Locomobile

A 1908 Type I Locomobile driven by Joyce, along with his riding mechanic Morden, participating in Locomobile’s hometown ” Sport Hill Climbing Contest “. The America’s Best Built Car slogan was backed up by a win that fall by Locomobile in the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race, which we will visit in the near future. The…

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Lugar’s Ford Sales And Service

This is Lugar’s Ford Garage, somewhere in the state of Nebraska. It appears to be just your average Ford Garage with imitation brick tin siding, over a simple, wooden frame construction. Out front we see two Reo touring cars, possibly a Star touring and four Model T Fords. What is interesting though is what the…

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A Stearns In Jacksonville, Florida

A very nice and clear postcard image showing a rare c. 1910-11, Stearns 15-30 Touring car. The car is shown wearing a 1910 Jacksonville City, licence plate. The name on the back of the card is listed as C. S. Carter. The Stearns was a very high quality automobile manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio. This is…

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Winter logging

Winter has always been a great time to harvest timber, and here is a great example of how steam power was used to haul a big load of logs in Cheboygan, Michigan (about as far north as you can go before the U.P.). The rig is a Phoenix, c. 1903-05, built in Wisconsin.

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