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Early steam race

Thanks to Ivan Pozega for research on this one. We believe this was a 5 mile race for steamers only, at Aquidneck Trotter Park, in Rhode Island, on September 6, 1900 (ten half-mile laps). Driving the car at left is John Jacob Astor, IV who came in second. What is the young lad doing in…

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National was one of the greats. They were built in Indianapolis, Indiana. This appears to be a 1912 with updated electric lights. The license plate is a 1914 California. What do you think is in the canvas sacks on the running board? Oranges-on their way to a quick delivery? It is California after all.

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A Mystery T-Head Mercer Racer

This T-Head Mercer Raceabout just like the one below, is also from Connecticut and did race judging by the numbers painted on it. Is parked out in front of the Raybestos Co. which I believe at the time may have been in Bridgeport. The car has all the markings of being a 1913 35-J and…

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Plenty of Choices

These cars belonged to the nawab (provincial governor) of Rampur, India. The second car back looks like a Lanchester. Can anyone identify the other cars? It appears the nawab had a nice selection of autos to choose from before heading out. Notice the overhead luggage racks.

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Iron Mountain

A 1941 Mercury sits at the base of a sky jump in Iron Mountain, Michgan. The area was an important part of Ford Motor Companies resources. I am not certain if they were able to get iron ore there at this date, but they did quite a bit of wood working in there, including the…

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