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Cover Art-1927

A Modern Art cover on the New Yorker Magazine shows the the Automobile is an integral part of High Society. On a lighter note artist John Held Jr. pokes fun at the driving skills of one of the liberated “flappers” of the 1920s.

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Checkerboard Glitz

Yesterday we showed you a car with checkerboard whitewall tires from Tinseltown. Today we show you this c. 1919-21 Cunningham with an over the top paint scheme and an old world cape top that was no doubt custom made for a Hollywood star or starlet. These photos show us that LA has long been the…

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The Bucket Shops

This is a perfect set of photos taken by a photographer with a good eye for capturing the the human involvement and action in a scene. This was the kind of manufacturing which I mentioned that Packard refered to in my earlier post. This is life in the bucket mill while manufacturing……headlight buckets.

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Packard Assembly

This photo from the Packard plant reminded me of something that I read years ago about when Packard had to bring  a lower price car to the marketplace so that they could sur-vive. This was during the depression when they made the decision to bring out the one fifteen and one twenty models. Packard did…

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