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New Mitchells

Here are a pair of new 1908 Mitchell Model G’s. They were a medium-sized runabout with a mother-in-law seat; notice that there are eight people in the photo. No need for baby seats and the like. The early billboard in the background advertises Swenson Bros Department Store, which was in Clay Center, Kansas.

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The First Cyclecar

Built in Paris by Bourbeau & Devaux, the Bedelia was an interesting car whereby the passenger and driver sat in a for and aft position and both were required to operate it. Initially powered by single cylinder Aster engines the company later installed their own belt driven v-twin units. In 1920 the partner’s sold the manufacturing…

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Legion Ascot Speedway

A very interesting image of early racing at the Legion Ascot Speedway in Los Angeles, the track was in operation from 1924-1936 when the grandstand burned down. It was a very well known track because of its location in the hot bed of racing, being in LA. Take note of the signs up on the…

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Ready to ride…

This young child seems ready to go. The caption is what makes it, I think. “Papa couldn’t come, but he sent me to take you to ride”. The car is an unknown chain-drive, but much smaller than most that employed that method of power to the rear wheels. Does anyone know what it is?

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