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Hand on the door

Does that mean he’s ready to jump? Is this a driving lesson? The car appears new-note the shiny paint. It is a 1915 Buick Model C-36-the larger of two four-cylinder offerings from Buick that year. They also made a six-cylinder. It has a 1915 NJ license plate on the front.

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It’s electric

Here’s a Borland Electric, built in Chicago. They were assembled vehicles and expensive; ranging from $2500-6500 depending on body style. This is an advertising postcard and shows a 1913 Illinois dealer license plate on the front. One of the features of the early Illinois plates was that the rear ones were solid but the front ones were slotted…

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Anaheim Road Race Winners…….1912

A very interesting photo with a great background showing an EMF above, winner of the Medium Car Road Race, held in Anaheim, California, on July 4, 1912. It is displayed in front of the P. J. Weisel dealership. Ivan Pozega found the following information contained in the next paragraph about Weisel. ” The photo of…

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Mr. and Mrs. Rogers ham it up in Daytona. The car is a 1907 Stanley model EX (10hp), and note it has two plates. There is a Florida plate hanging on the front axle, and a Mass Auto Register plate that has actually been bent to conform to the bonnet – no small feat given…

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