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The elusive Model K Ford

  Here are a couple photos of a dashing young man in his apparently brand new 1907 Ford Model K Roadster. The Model K was built in both Roadster and Touring form. Both employed a large six cylinder engine, but only a two-speed planetary transmission. Production lasted only a couple years.

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The Overland Lady

In 1910 Blanche Scott became the second woman driver to cross the U.S. from New York to San Francisco. The trip was taken with a female reporter in this very stout appearing 1910 Overland. Blanche took along a container of Atlantic Ocean water to pour into the Pacific. The trip took a little over 2…

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Three Rockwell Classic Covers.

Norman Rockwell was a master at capturing the essence of life in small town America. Three of his Magazine covers with an automotive theme are shown here. Norman captured the desire to lead the parade as the father in the Model T puts the pedal to the metal to pass the larger expensive machine. The…

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Kelly Petillo

Last week David Greenlees posted a couple of photos of Kelly Petillo during the 1934 racing season. The first at Mines Field and the second at the Indy 500. Here he is again but this time at the 1932 Oakland 150 with ride along mechanic L.H. Miller.

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