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Kelley Petillo….

A press photo dated December 23, 1934 of Kelly Petillo, along with mechanic Takio Hirashima. This is at the Mines Field Road Race which they won in The Sparks-Weirick car. Watch this interesting British Pathe video of his 1935 Indianapolis 500 win. Follow the link HERE.

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Railroad workers and track inspectors used velocipedes, which were hand powered and usually had only one outrigger wheel on the rail opposite the rider. This one has two wheels on the off-side, and appears to be foot powered from the pedals. C. 1910.

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Ladies’ day out

Who knows whether these ladies actually motored the day this snapshot was taken. Their attire, especially the big hat, might not have been the wisest choice for an open roadster. The car is a 1912 Stoddard Dayton registered to William T. Bailey of Virginia, MN.

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Air cooled in Texas

Series 9B (1919) Franklin coupe in Texas. The V windshield was a short lived feature on Franklins of that era, but was surely distinctive. In addition to various badges (including AAA) the car sports MacBeth headlamp lenses with green tinted glass “visor” at top.

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