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Early Postcards

This photo shows a White Steamer sitting out in front of a photgraphers shop as an advertising piece in Marine City, Michigan. Postcard photographers were at many spots were early motorists enjoyed their new machines and touring. The picture postcard was the perfect thing to send home or to friends to show off your car…

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Rumley Oil Pull…..

A very nice image of a Rumely 15-30 Single Cylinder kerosene burning tractor taken during 1912. This photo appears to be take somewhere out in the Plains States during the big expansion westward. I have seen one of these running in person and they literally shake the ground.

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Stanley Model F

A 1906 or early 1907 Stanley model F touring, with a 1907 VT plate registered to John S. Patrick of Burlington, VT. Mr. Patrick did not have the car steamed up when the photo was taken (by Mr. Homer Locke), because we can see the throttle is wide open — the lever on the steering…

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Our Kind Of Guy

Al Price was just the kind of guy we like here at The Old Motor. If it was not for all the men and women like him we would not be able to be looking at all of these images that we enjoy today, so many years later. He appears to be riding a late…

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