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1913 Stanley

Friend F. Baker, Sr. poses with his 1913 Stanley model 78 in California (probably Hollywood) in 1917. Mr. Baker owned the car in 1917 and 1918. He wrote this interesting account, attesting to the car’s hill climbing abilities and his wife Annabel’s capabilities piloting the car. “In 1917 Cahuenga Pass was crooked and steep and…

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Dot Robinson

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1912, Dorothy Goulding is the daughter of famous sidecar manufacturer James Goulding. In 1931 and now living in the U.S. she married Earl Robinson, a mechanic at the Goulding’s Harley Davidson dealership in Saginaw, Michigan. During this period they were both riding and winning in Endurance Run competitions and in 1935 they set…

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Alice Ramsey

On the 9th of June, 1909, 22 year old housewife and mother Alice Ramsey began a 3,800 mile journey from Manhatten, NY to San Francisco, CA. aboard a Maxwell 30HP Touring car with three other women, her two sisters in law Nettie Powell and Margaret Atwood and 16 year old friend Hermine Johns, neither of whom could drive.  Initially…

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‘Mile a Minute Girl’

Born in Germany, Margurite Nagangast came to the U.S. in 1893 at the age of 16. Sometime thereafter she began bicycle racing and by 1900 she had established new world distance records for 500, 1000, 2000 and 2600 miles, that latter achieved in 295 hours and 55 minutes, eclipsing all previous marks which were held by men….

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