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Made In Springfield

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Hunt, are shown with their Indian Twin motorcycle and sidecar. Mr. Hunt sits side-saddle, looking at his wife, Effie and they appear to be ready to go off exploring for the day. The machine appears to be a teens-early twenties, Power Plus Twin, made in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Service in Springfield

I believe this interesting photo was taken in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Packard Motor Car Company of New York held the distributorship for Packard in Springfield (as well as in several other cities outside the NY metro area), and we see it on the back of the Indian service cycle. Indians were manufactured in Springfield, and…

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Early Fiat…..

A wonderful postcard image of an early Fiat racing car on wire wheels, which I is believe is a model S74. This model featured a 14-liter four-cylinder engine and double chain-drive. This is possibly Louis Wagner who finished second with his S74 to George Boillot in his Peugeot at the 1912 French GP. This postcard…

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Teeth Don’t Fail Me Now…..

A women pulling an automobile with her teeth in publicity stunt in San Jose, California, 1926. I have a different photo of a man preforming the same stunt in the early 1930s. I have the feeling that these athletes toured the country and would preform this stunt for any car dealer willing to pay their…

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