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1909 Christie Front Wheel Drive Racer

BARNEY OLDFIELD IN THE 1909 CHRISTIE KICKING UP DIRT. NOTE THE  PUFFS OF EXHAUST FROM THE TWO CYLINDERS ON THE STARBOARD SIDE. Some great Christie photos and information from Enrique J. Klein, Christie expert who has researched them extensively. Thank you Enrique. This was the last and most advanced of Christie’s Front Wheel Drive race…

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Make mine chain drive

1910 Apperson rated at 50hp. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about this particular car or its history (and can’t make out the message at lower right). Great view of an interesting car with plenty of distracting goodies around it. Photo from Dave Longstreth collection.

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A Mason Racing Car

I am going to follow Tony De Setas lead here and post a photo of the Duesenberg Bros. first form of racing car. This car was based on the Mason car they designed and built before going out on their own. It featured an 8-valve engine with long vertical rocker arms or what they called…

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An Early Repair Garage

Photos of early garages are very interesting if you study the contents. Here we have a Center-Door Model T and a Harley-Davidson with its sidecar detached. These vehicles might date the photo to the mid twenties. The overhead shafts and belting might have powered a lathe and a drill press over on the sidewall. There…

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Maxwell 12

The Maxwell-Briscoe Company from New York decided to enter the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup by building two cars, one with eight cylinders and the other with twelve. The latter employed and engine of boxer layout with radiators attatched to the cylinder head and extending upwards. The car did not employ a water pump or a flywheel. Drive was made…

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The Pits

Christian Lautenschlager and ride along mechanic Mackle stop to service their Mercedes at the 1908 Grand Prix de l’A.C.F. at Dieppe, France. Visible to the left of the photo are the “pits”. This was the first time that such servicing bays were used in Grand Prix racing where in previous years the spares and fuel…

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