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1904 Dufaux

This is the first automobile built by Swiss brothers Charles and Frederic Dufaux. Entered in the 1904 Gordon Bennett Cup held in Germany, the eight cylinder-80 H.P. car didn’t start due to steering problems.

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Big And Little

An interesting set of images taken in California in 1920. The White racing car on the left is one of the old Buick Bug’s that were successful racing cars that Buick built c1910. The other two small cars I believe were made for amusement purposes or could have been some older cycle cars that were…

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Pierce Arrow

Stately 1913 Pierce Arrow model 38 imperial limousine, probably in New York City. The arch in the roof line is said to allow a gentleman to enter and exit the car without removing his top hat. This vehicle is fitted with Westinghouse air shocks. The body style and shocks did not last long on the…

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The Tucker

A Press Photo showing a concept drawing of the 1946 Tucker Torpedo. June 13, 1947,  Stanley Johnson and Joseph Pagan operate a drill press in Chicago working on drilling and tapping holes in a Tucker Torpedo cylinder block. Chicago, June 19, 1947, R. H. Armstrong explains that new car has engine mounted in rear with…

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