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Air cooled in Texas

Series 9B (1919) Franklin coupe in Texas. The V windshield was a short lived feature on Franklins of that era, but was surely distinctive. In addition to various badges (including AAA) the car sports MacBeth headlamp lenses with green tinted glass “visor” at top.

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Pacific Auto Works

It must have been a whole different scene in the auto repair business back in the late 20s, when this photo was taken in Los Angeles. Automobiles needed so much more care and repairing than they do today. I am assuming, judging by some of the photos of elaborate repair shops and garages, that at…

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The Acme Motor Car Co.

It is always welcome, but rare to find an early high quality photo like this one, that Tony De Seta sent in to me. It is a press photo taken by the well known Spooner and Wells firm from NYC. This photo evidently was sent in to a newspaper by A. B. Tucker from their…

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Knox…..The Pride Of Springfield.

The Knox was manufactured in Springfield, Ma to very high standards. Knox first got his start with an air-cooled three wheeler and stayed with air cooling on the early models continuing with the four wheeled cars he next built. His first truck unit was a big three wheeled tractor for pulling a trailer. He continued…

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