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Goodyear Airwheels Tour the Nation

1929 Buick Goodyear Airwheel Bus and American Austin Bantam

Goodyear not only built the “The World’s Largest Tire” in 1929, but it was also one of the largest tire companies in the US at the time. Its chief competitor was Firestone, and both were at the forefront of bringing new tire designs to market. The new Goodyear “Airwheel” was introduced to the public in…

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Bunch’s Wondrous Junkyard

1941 Ford

By Michael Lamm. I’ve always had a soft spot for automotive junkyards. And yes, I know I’m not supposed to call them that, but I use the word with great respect and fondness. I never met a junkyard I didn’t like; in fact, I even worked in one for a short time. But that’s another…

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Five Fun Friday Fifties Kodachrome Images


Updated – Number nineteen in the Fun, Friday Kodachrome Image series starts out with the lead photo of a UTOCO station that was part of Standard Oil Company. The “Rancho Service” station was family owned and in an unknown location in the state of Utah if that was UTOCO’s only territory. Perhaps a reader will know more…

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