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Gas Station Series: Emerson’s Tydol Service Station

Thanks to reader Bob Melusky, for today’s feature we have five images of Emerson’s Service Station located in East Hartford, Connecticut. In addition to offering “General Auto Repairing” two grades of gasoline were available at the Station: Tydol “Ethel” premium grade and “Flying A” regular. The motor fuels and “Veedol” oil and lubricants were products offered…

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Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs Edition 184

To start this week’s “Kodachrome” feature, this late-1950s lead image contains a scene captured somewhere in the greater New York City metropolitan area. The scene is dominated by left-to-right a Nathan’s “Famous” Frankfurter stand and Deli, a Nathan’s “Frozen Desert” shop, a “Skooter” beer hall serving Knickerbocker on tap, and an assortment of 1950s cars….

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