An Early 1930s Chrysler Coupe and a Modern Trailer at Westinghouse Week

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  • An early 1930s Buick and a radio-equipped trailer.

It looks like it things were happening at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington, Kentucky for a Westinghouse Week promotion to try to sell appliances during the Great Depression. The L’Air Brothers and their advertising car and trailer equipped for radio broadcasting were set up to help draw in shoppers. The Chrysler appears to be a 1930, and the trailer may be a Curtiss Aerocar, if you can identify it please do let us know. The photo is courtesy of the University of Kentucky.

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The VSCC 80th Anniversary – The 2014 Prescott Speed Hill Climb

Time marches on and the early antique, sports and racing car clubs that were formed in England, Europe and here in the U.S. have gained in years. Last weekend the Vintage Sports-Car Club kicked off a week long 80th-year celebration with a VSCC Hill Climb at the Prescott Speed Hill on Friday that was followed by the two-day Prescott Speed Hill Climb.

To show you some of last weekend’s action we have coverage by two different experts hands with a camera. Above is a video of the Friday one-day VSCC hill climb which will show you a display of one type of racing that can be seen at the club’s events were only pre-1931 cars are allowed to compete. The video above is courtesy of Steven Drew of 1Rallyst3ve. You can learn more about the VSCC here.

  • pres1
  • 1907 Mors Special powered by a Curtis OX-5 V-8 aircraft engine.

The Prescott Speed Hill Climb on Saturday suffered through heavy rain and hail at times, but the show still went on. By Sunday, the weather had changed, and Stefan Marjoram was there with his camera and recorded these images. This event attracts a large number of period racing cars and specials, along with an assortment of more modern recreations. Take a moment to see more of Stefan Marjoram’s work here.

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  • Left and center a 1907 Mors Special – 24 liter W12 Napier Bentley Special
  • pres5      pres6      pres7
  •                                       Scenes from the parking lot
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  •    Isotta-Fraschini-Fiat Special – The Baggage Room – The Trophy

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Chauffeur Peter Christian Wick and the Wiggin Family Fiat

  • wick1
  • Chauffeur Peter Christian Wick posing with an early FIAT.

This set of photos is part of a series of images showing cars that were driven by Peter Christian Wick, during his carreer as a professional chauffeur. His Grandson Peter Wick, has determined that he worked for four different men in the New York City area and in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where at least one of them had a home.

He first worked for Richard P. Hart from March 1, 1903, to September 1, 1906, and drove a White Steam car for him. Wick next piloted two other White Steam cars for George Howe for one year and three months until January 3, 1908. It appears that he may have begun his work early in 1908 for Mr. Wiggin, who was the chairman of the Chase Bank. Earlier we looked at a photo of Wick posing with a circa 1906 Rainer.

  • wick2      wick3      wick4
  • Wiggins family members and Peter Christian Wick posing with the FIAT.

While working for Mr. Wiggins, one of the two or more cars that he drove was this circa 1906 or later roadster with a mother-in-law seat. We have been able to identify it as being a Fiat, and possibly as a 24/40 h.p. model. The left-hand photo above shows L to R: Muriel Wiggin, the youngest daughter, her sister Marjorie and Mrs. Wiggins probably in front of the house in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

The center image above shows Wick behind the wheel and the FIAT plaque can be clearly seen on the right-hand top corner of the dashboard; we are hoping a reader can date the license plate and possibly the car with state registry information. The right-hand photo may again show Marjorie and Mrs. Wiggin; this photo is in front of the carriage house.

The Scott & Lewis Garage seen below was on Main Street in Ridgefield, and we see the Fiat with Wick and a group of gentleman. On the left, can be seen a formal-looking town car with a collapsible top. Some of these men may have worked for the garage or may have been chauffeurs for other families in the well-to-do town sixty miles to the Northeast of New York City. We will return with more of the Wiggin’s cars in the near future.


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