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Pigeon Hole Parking – An Amusement Park Ride for Your Car


Pigeon Hole Parking at Southwest Stark and Park Streets in Portland, Oregon. Not long after the automobile became an accepted part of the transportation picture in cities, a problem soon arose with the parking all of the machines. The first simple solution, of course, was the parking lot, followed by  parking garages being erected. In…

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A Chicago Street Scene – South Cottage Grove Avenue


In looking through our archives at some of our unidentified images recently, we came across this street scene photograph that appeared to have been taken in a fairly good-sized city during the late 1950s. The newest vehicles seen in the photo appear to be a Cadillac and a Ford, both of which are 1957 models. After…

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Sweets on a Roll – A Life Savers Dodge Product Mobile


Today’s replacement for what has on occasion been dubbed the Product Mobile, is the computer-generated vinyl wrap that can turn just about any vehicle into a rolling billboard in no time. The ultimate advertising vehicle with coachwork representing a commodity was frequently used in earlier times and was generally constructed on a car chassis. It was used…

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Chauffeur Peter Christian Wick Drives a Packard and a Stutz

1916 Stutz Bulldog Touring Car

This is the fifth post in a series covering the automobiles that Peter Christian Wick operated during his career as a professional chauffeur. Wick drove in the New York City and Ridgefield, Connecticut areas for four different men in the early 1900s. This pair of automobiles was the last of the cars that he drove for Mr….

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A British Pathe News Clip – The Non Skid Tyre At Last?

* Updated * We do not know any of the background information about what brand of tire is being promoted here, but it is definitely not the first NonSkid tire to be made. The only thing certain about it is what was observed by watching the video which does clearly show two things: The tire tread…

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Heavy Haulers – A GMC Moving Van and a Nash Flatbed

1915 GMC Moving Van

The development of the motor truck lagged behind that of the car, but by 1910 a number of companies that manufactured trucks had developed sturdy units that could handle heavy loads. Many of the early makers used chain-driven beam axles until the development of the heavy duty shaft-driven differential was worked out. The GMC Model H, 3…

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Recreating the 1927 Frank Lockhart Intercooler – Part II


Creating the Digital CAD Model By Lee Stohr:   If you are new to this feature series you can start out by taking a look back at Part I of Recreating the Lockhart Intercooler. In the second part of this project, Stohr Design began by measuring the original Lockhart Intercooler casting and building a 3D computer model. Starting at the…

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