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The Gilmore – Mobil Streamliner

A.F. Bach, an employee of both Gilmore and Mobil, poses with the White It didn’t take long after the idea of styling heavy trucks took hold in the nineteen-thirties for some really radical designs to emerge. Early on, E.B. Gilmore recognized the value that such a vehicle would have to promote his company. Most likely…

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Roar with Gilmore and Casey Ford at the 1935 Pacific International Exposition

At the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition held at the San Diego fairgrounds, a local Ford dealer opened “Casey’s Master Service Station”. While fair goers were taking in the sights they could also drop off their car at the station-dealership and return later on to pickup their car. Being an authorized Ford dealer, it was more than likely…

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The Gilmore Oil Company

Earl Gilmore on the left and an associate pose with a tanker that may have only been used for promotional needs. It is outlined in neon and I wonder if it may have possibly had an on board generator to power the lighting. Maybe one of our readers knows more about this very unique truck?…

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