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A Hudson at Mission Motor Service

A Mr. Wilson of  Walter M. Murphy Company poses with a very smart Hudson Super 6 Biddle & Smart Brougham at Mission Motor Service in Pasadena, California. Introduced in June of 1925, sources cite it as the most popular Biddle & Smart bodied  Hudson ever offered. Note the very stylish triple lines on rear fender that repeat a similar design…

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The Hudson Girl

This photos looks like it has two of a gentlemans favorites in it. His gal posing on the fender and his brand new Hudson. What more could a guy want back then? ***Since posting this photo, Tim Martin was able to determine that the car was a coupe owned by J. P. Devine of Manchester, NH.

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Hudson Economy Prize Run Revisted

Back on February 25 th we posted the photo of the postcard shown below. Reader Dee Kruzan has a different view of the same event to share with us. His photo is labeled, The start of a 100 mile economy run, July 17, ’10 Princeton, Ill. No further details are known but we believe it may have…

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A Hudson Sedan

We believe this may be a 1934 Hudson-Terraplane after seeing the Terraplane in the Hudson Ruggedness Run you will see in the next post. This car in a press photo is a sedan, with a few more accessories, as it appears to have dual side-mounts, along with metal covers and fender lamps mounted at the…

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A Hudson At Sheepshead Bay

Dan Hickey and his mechanic Earl Case pose for a picture while they were testing their Hudson racing car, at the Sheepshead Bay Track just outside of New York City. Racing was held there on the two and a half-mile banked wooden oval, which was owned by a group of investors between 1915 and 1919…

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