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Changing Styles on White Buses in Albuquerque

While the earliest buses were by necessity strictly utilitarian, as the 20th century progressed, elements of style slowly began to creep into their design. Although the differences between the coaches seen in our photos today are subtle, the raked windshield and curved cowl of the White from the early 1930’s White pictured above differs noticeably…

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A Gould Topped White Bus

A very nice and sharp image of a White bus carrying a Gould top probably taken for Gould in San Francisco. The photo is courtesy of Tom Jakeway who earlier treated us to a series of photos of attractive Gould-topped automobiles. The Camas Stage company may have been located in Camas, Washington which is northeast…

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Things were so much different back in time

How different things were back in time, was the first thought that came to mind in seeing this photograph. Today we take travel for granted, but most folks of average means could not even afford to own a car back in 1926, when this photo was taken. In talking with many people that lived back…

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