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A Dodge Brothers Agency in Ypsilanti

In our undated feature photo today, we have a line up of some very early Dodge automobiles parked in front of what would become a long lived dealership in the Ypsilanti, Michigan. Joseph H. Thompson, the proprietor, would run the company for 40 years. He was a member of one of the more prominent families…

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The Dodge Brothers Chassis Assembly Line

An interesting view of the end of the Dodge Brothers dual assembly lines for their four-cylinder cars. The Dodge Brothers first were manufacturers of chassis, engines and components for automakers in Detroit including their biggest customer, Henry Ford. The Dodges manufactured many of the early Model T Ford components for Ford. In 1914, Horace Dodge…

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A Dodge Depot Hack

This photo appears to be of a brand new Dodge Brothers depot hack, possibly before delivery. This car with the combination of the wooden hack body and the accessory wire wheels was quite costly. Having researched cars with this type of body before, we have found that they ended up being more expensive than any…

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