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A Hupmobile Model 20 Coupe

We have been saving this postcard for several months now, but this is the perfect time to use it as a comparison with the previous post on the turret top, as it shows the incredible progress shown over 25 years of the production of closed cars. In the early days of the automobile the closed…

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Art-Deco Hupmobile

The 1935 Hupmobile Aerodynamic was a rehash of their earlier 1934 model. This Series J, six cylinder sedan in Hupmobiles words, was so attractive it was impossible to improve its appearance. But Hupmobile designers, with deft touches here and there have accomplished the seemingly impossible, and made the 1935 Sedan even more striking. We believe…

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The 1913 Toronto Auto Show At Transportation Hall

The 1913 Toronto Automobile Show was held in the same Transportation Hall that was used in our earlier coverage of both the 1912 and 1923 shows. In the front row, various dealers are displaying automobiles manufactured by: Pierce-Arrow, Chalmers, Hupmobile, Reo, and the British Commer Truck. In the back row, signs can be seen for: the Canadian-built…

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