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A Thomas Flyer Racer

An interesting photo of a couple young men with jaunty caps on, sitting in their Thomas Flyer. It is obviously a stripped chassis and seeing as the photo was taken on a track, we might be safe in assuming that they raced it.  This model was produced from 1908-10 and the first year was called…

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1911 Thomas

This conservative looking machine is a 1911 Thomas Flyer police wagon built for the city of Lowell, Massachusetts. The drive train employed Thomas’ six cylinder, 70hp engine (the K 6-70), which should have been more than ample to supply the vehicle’s needs. The wagon was fitted out with equipment for not only police work, but…

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Automotive Pearls

Last night we were working in the shop assembling an output shaft, pinion gear and thrust bearing for the transmission-differential of a 1910 6-70 Thomas-Flyer we are giving a mechanical rebuild. We take photos of all our work as with digital it only takes an instant and we have a visual record of what we…

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