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As The Magneto Spins – Part IV

This is part IV in our feature showing what is involved in rebuilding a Bosch ZR4 Two-Spark  magneto. The assembly is fairly straight forward with the most important part, being the setting of the contact point gap along with getting the gearing on the armature and rotor gear timed correctly. The photo above shows the…

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As the Magneto Spins – Part III

This is the third post in a series showing the rebuild of a Bosch ZR4 Two-Spark magneto. In our last post of  the magneto rebuild that is being shown here, the armature was rebuilt and the magnets were recharged. This installment will give you a better idea of about how the rest of a magneto operates….

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As The Magneto Spins – Part Two

This is the second in a series of posts about rebuilding a magneto. Last time we showed you what was involved in rebuilding the armature. This time we will show one more very important step which is recharging the magnets. Through time and use the magnets lose their strength which will result in a weak…

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As The Magneto Spins Part I

We have been working on a couple of magnetos recently and thought that it would be a good time to show our readers how one is constructed and works as a technical feature. After years of engine rebuilding on early cars, the desire to learn more about the whole picture has led to us doing…

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French Automotive Poster Art

The evolution of poster art has always been closely linked to advances in printmaking, notably lithography. The lithographic process was first invented by Alois Senefelder in Germany around 1780. It was not until Jules Cheret of France learned the three stone lithographic process in the 1860s and developed it further, which allowed lithographers to produce a wide spectrum of colors…

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