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Downtown Auburn, New York c. 1930

Things were pretty quiet on this major thoroughfare in the commercial district of Auburn on this day some eighty plus years ago. We believe the big sedan driving away from us is a 1929 Hudson and the Flivver parked at the curb is a 1924 or later high radiator model. Can any sharp-eyed readers pick out the…

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Detroit Auburn – Cord Sales and Service

By the time these photos were taken (we’re guessing it was around 1929 or 1930) the Indiana upstart, Auburn, had already been building quality cars for more than 25 years. Here they have invaded Michigan and these reputable looking gentlemen are hawking their two lines of cars right in the “Big Three’s” backyard, Detroit. Aside…

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A Dashing 1935 Auburn 851 Phaeton

By Gene Herman: While the Auburn 852 Speedsters have achieved iconic status amongst classic car enthusiasts, their less flashy brothers are seldom seen on showfields today. In 1935 and ’36, this Indiana based manufacturer produced a full line of cars in six, eight and supercharged eight cylinder guise. Seen above is a 1934 factory publicity photo…

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