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The Barnstormers and Early Racing

Barnstorming as it is called is usually thought of in connection with airplanes. Wiki defines the beginning of Barnstorming as the follows; The Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss had early flying exhibition teams and solo flyers like Lincoln Beachey and Didier Masson also became popular before World War I in the USA, but barnstorming did not become a formal phenomenon until the 1920s. The…

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The 2012 Millers At Milwaukee Meet

The 17th annual 2012 Millers At Milwaukee Meet was held last weekend at the storied Milwaukee Mile race track with well over fifty cars attending. The weather was excellent and from all reports, everyone enjoyed the event. This year the centennial of the 1912 Vanderbilt Cup and Grand Prize races that were held in Milwaukee,…

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The Monster

This is an incredible car that has been written about many times in the past. It is not my intention to go much into the history of the car, but to show these pictures and the details from Michael Sedwick’s book below. This itself book is dated, being published in 1973 but the details give…

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