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Go Greyhound: Eleven Prewar Photos of the Bus Line

The Greyhound Line started back in 1914 when Carl E. Wickman began transporting miners in Minnesota from the town of Hibbing to Alice, for fifteen cents. The regional transit line expanded rapidly and by 1918, it was operating close to twenty buses. The vehicles were soon dubbed Greyhounds after the Fageol Safety Coach came into use in the early twenties because of…

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Harry Hartz’s Vanderbilt Cup Race Baby Cars

We have been following and posting photos and information for a number of years about early “Baby Cars” that were constructed during and after the 1912-’14 cycle car fad for racing, entertainment, and general use. Of particular interest are those which were used in the Junior Racing Series of America, a supporting series for the Vanderbilt Cup Races…

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Gregoire Submarine – Advanced Aerodynamics and Skylighting

1911 Gregoire with a Submarine Torpedo body

Gregoire was a French automobile and aircraft manufacturer. Henri Coanda was a brilliant Romanian aeronautical engineer and inventor. Alin and Liautard was a French coachbuilder of the highest order. Together they designed and built at least two extraordinary automobiles. According to the Gregoire Association, in 1911 the Company introduced new models powered by long stroke four cylinder engines. In…

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