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A Dashing Lozier Briarcliff

One of our favorite early makers here at The Old Motor is the Lozier, which was an extremely high quality car. One of Lozier’s big selling points was the use of ball bearings instead of bushings or plain bearings, as they are called, in the construction of the chassis and engine. Head engineer John G….

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A Gentleman Posing With a Fine Lozier

A fine circa 1911-13 Lozier Type 72 six, in a rural and possibly agricultural setting in Wisconsin. The owner is believed to be Frank H. Ohrmund. Loziers were first built in Plattsburg, NY from 1905 to 1910, when the company relocated to Detroit. This might be a transitional car, using a 1912 body and lighting,…

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A Very Sporty Lozier Briarcliff

A very handsome Lozier Briarcliff , circa 1910, pauses briefly to be photographed in 1912 on the road to the lake, in South Poland, Maine. This Lozier is featuring a set of Solar-clipse magnifying lens headlamps. Might this be Mr. Ricker, whose earlier Lozier we looked at filled with young women? The Briarcliff was and remains a…

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A Brand New Lozier

This circa 1906 Lozier appears to be brand new and posed especially for this photo. Thanks to Tim Martin and his friends for looking up the Maine license plate 553, as the following was found. The car was registered to a Mrs. E.P. Ricker, of South Poland, Maine. They belive that the man behind the wheel…

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A 1906 Lozier At The Factory

A 1906 Lozier at the first factory that they were produced in at Plattsburgh, New York. It is the third in a series of photos from a women whose grandfather was the business manager of the highly regarded firm. He is seen standing with the car in front of what may have been the companies…

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A Lozier Being Tested?

This photo is courtesy of Mike Turner and was sent to him by a woman whose grand-father was the Lozier business manager. It shows us what appears to be an early six cylinder Lozier out being tested. The third gentleman from the left was the business manager of the company and possibly the rest are…

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Lozier Speedster

This photo was kindly sent in Lozier enthusiast Mike Turner who believes this is a Model H from 1908.  It was sent to him by a women whose grandfather was the business manager for the Lozier Company and he is shown in the middle of the photo. The car is identified as being  J. G….

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