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Salmon River: Artist and Photographer George Beard’s Model “T” Ford

Artist and photographer George Beard (1855–1944) of Coalville, Utah, was the manager of the Church of Later-day Saints Coalville Cooperative Mercantile Institution, later was elected as the Mayor of the town and served as a state legislator. Coalville is located in the northeastern section of Utah near the Uinta Mountains which extend into Wyoming. Beard traveled in the states…

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A Maharajah’s Model “T” Ford Tiger Hunting Car

After seeing images of expensive coachbuilt Rolls-Royce hunting cars constructed for the Maharajah’s of India, this 1920s Model “T” Ford represents a complete change in direction to what is customarily seen. The Ford, produced at the Worli, India assembly plant was blacked out and painted with simulated Zebra stripes. Extra equipment includes; a small fold-out pantry,…

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Sunday Edition No. XIV – Stamp Out Prohibition – RAC 1000 Mile Trial – A Custom Model “T” Ford Coupe – Brick Paved Highways

The image above was found via Robert Werrbach and it originates from the Hagley Museum. It was taken in Wilmington, Delaware, circa 1931 and showed what may have been an organization from Massachusetts campaigning to Stamp Out Prohibition. The car was on a journey from an unknown location To Seattle, Washington and Return. Check out the interesting slogans stating that repealing…

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