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Customized Packard Darrin Convertible

The 1937 to ’39 Packard “Darrin” models (1937 to’42) were designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin and constructed on Packard 120 chassis’, first in Los Angeles and later in Hollywood. In essence, Darrin and his workers, who were experienced coachbuilders took a 120 business coupe and lowered the factory-built Packard radiator and shell, sectioned the hood…

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Images Taken on the Packard Assembly Line

Today’s photos were taken on various assembly lines at the Packard plant located on East Grand Blvd. in Detroit, Michigan. The lead image shows workers on the frontend assembly line working on 1940 model Packard grille shells complete with the Packard signature grille insert. The shells are mounted on wooden jigs and the workers tighten…

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