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Got Milk? The Rosedale Dairy Product Mobile

Up until now, we haven’t seen any Product Mobile images, which are as sharp and detailed as this set of photos of the “Rosedale” Dairy milk bottle vehicle. It appears that the Dairy and the Mehse-Baker Ford Agency, both located in Laramie, WYO, entered a partnership with this promotional vehicle that benefited both firms. Apparently,…

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Product Mobiles At Home And Down Under

According to the State Library of Queensland, “John Macpherson Robertson, born in the Australian state of Victoria in 1859, was apprenticed to a confectionery company as a young man. He bought a controlling interest in Life Savers Ltd. in 1926” that covered: Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and neighboring islands. “Robertson had…

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Packard History Before Automobile Production

The first post from The Roderic Blood collection shows newspaper clippings above, from the Western Reserve Chronicle, Warren, Ohio December 3, 1851, advertising an early business venture undertaken by Warren Packard, who formed the company that would later bear the family name. Below is a Packard Electric Company electric motor, which was produced  by William Doud…

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