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A 1906 Rambler Type 3 Surrey

Here we have quite a crew of gentleman in Pennsylvania, with what appears to be a near new Rambler. The license plate is dated 1906 and it almost appears to be springtime as the leaves look to be on the small side. The spare tire and cover are mounted out in front of the large…

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1905 Rambler

The Seal Cove Auto Museum has sent us this suburb, clear and detailed photo of a 1905 Rambler. The two old timers in the front appear to be chauffeurs judging by their clothes and hats, for the young ladies in the back seat. Rambler at this time manufactured both a 18 hp Type I and…

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A Boston Area Rambler Agency

Several great early photos circa 1905-07 showing a Rambler agency, which was located in the Boston, MA, area.  They must have been located on “Automobile Row” as right next door, we can see the sign for the Autocar agency above the doorway. If there are any Rambler experts, or someone else who might know the…

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