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The Ever Popular 1932 Ford

            The very attractive and sporty new 1932 V-8 Roadster. The 1932 Ford was the long anticipated replacement for the Model A Ford. With the help of Edsel Ford’s keen eye for great automotive styling and the new V-8 engine, the 1932 Ford went on to become one of the most…

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The Great Depression

This photo was taken on March 8, 1932, in front of Ford’s River Rouge plant which was supposedly was the largest factory in the world at the time. The photo is showing a hunger march that was staged there which was also referred to as a Communist Riot. This may have been the seed that…

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Moving the Metal – Part II

New 1949 Mercury’s on a W&K trailer in Chicago The post war boom in new car production had a marked multiplier effect on the American economy. Once they were finished, cars had to be shipped to the dealers. Construction of specialized trailers built for that purpose provided employment opportunities in those factories, too. Drivers were also…

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Flathead Fords Waiting For a Train

Ford engine and transmission assemblies are shown above being loaded onto a open freight car at the River Rouge factory, during 1937, to start their trip on towards assembly plants. Photos below show the sign coming into the city and the complex that at one time employed close to fifty-thousand workers.

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