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A Mystery Automobile With A Gould Top

A very interesting pair of photos of a car with a California top, which were promotional photos for The Gould Top Company. This automobile is an unknown but it has a resem-blance to the Lewis automobile which was last produced in Wisconsin in 1916. We are hoping that our readers can tell us more about this…

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The O-WE-GO Cycle Car

A little over a month ago we did a post called: The Monarch Motorcycle and its Cousin the O-WE-GO Cycle car. Information and photos or illustrations are hard to come by on the short-lived cycle car and reader Tom Jakeway came through for us by sending us a sales catalog from the company. We can now see…

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Porsche Assembly Operations

The Porsche assembly operations as seen at some point in the fifties, are quite interesting if you take the time to study the photo. One interesting hold back to days of old is the saw tooth shaped roof with its vertical windows used for natural light. It appears to be quite orderly down on the…

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