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Harry Hartz’s Vanderbilt Cup Race Baby Cars

We have been following and posting photos and information for a number of years about early “Baby Cars” that were constructed during and after the 1912-’14 cycle car fad for racing, entertainment, and general use. Of particular interest are those which were used in the Junior Racing Series of America, a supporting series for the Vanderbilt Cup Races…

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Walter Christie’s 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Racer

Lee Stohr is working on drawing and engineering data to enable Christie’s 1905 ‘Blue Flyer’ to be recreated. The following is his description of the Vanderbilt entry: Christie is getting ready to practice for the Vanderbilt Cup American Elimination trial which was held on September 22,1906. To qualify for entry into the Vanderbilt Cup race,…

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1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race

The Peter Helck 1904 Vanderbilt Cup photos starting with third place finisher Herb Lytle in the Pope Toledo. The Forth place finisher in the Packard Gray Wolf was Charles Schmidt. The light little car had a surface mounted radiator which was horizontal and can be seen down the side of the car. Be sure to watch…

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