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An XK120 Jaguar at Hoffman Motors, NYC

A photo from the Alden Handy album that was taken on October 1, 1949. The car is identifi-ed as a 1950 XK120. The photo with Handy’s note was; “Taken on Park Avenue, New York City, Hoffman’s in the background”. The Hoffman dealership was quite well known and at this time during 1949, the signs on the…

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A Very Attractive Bentley

A very attractive Derby Bentley is shown in this photo from the Alden Handy album, which we have been featuring. Like many of the other photos by Handy, this one was taken near the J.S. Inskip showroom in NYC. Can anyone identify the maker of the very attractive bodywork with the sweep-side panels and the distinctive…

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Profesor Scherer and His Rolls-Royce

This is another interesting photo from the Alden Handy album, taken when many of these were just special used cars. Handy’s note with the photo which was taken on August 12, 1950, in Andover Mass., identifies the car as a Phantom II belonging to Professor Paul Scherer. Photo courtesy of Joe Puleo.  

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A Quite Distinctive PIII Rolls-Royce

Another fine photo from the Alden Handy collection, courtesy of Joe Puleo, who has observed the following: again, no note from Handy, just “PIII” and the date 1952. I know we have seen these buildings before in other Handy photos and I suspect they are in Cambridge, MA. Can any of our readers identify the…

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A PI Rolls Royce Roadster

Another Rolls-Royce roadster from the Alden Handy album, the photo is courtesy of Joe Puleo and the following are his comments: This one probably incorrectly identified as a SG. He doesn’t say who owned it but gives the chassis number as 291KR and the registration as 32940 Mass. The KR cars were built in 1929,…

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A Very Attractive Lagonda

This photo is by Alden Handy’s friend Chapin Warlour who must have taken it during or just after WWII, note the A ration sticker on the windshield, his note reads: Lagonda Sport Convertible Coupe, blue gray body with silk mohair top, from a negative made by Chapin Warlour. Photo courtesy of Joe Puleo.

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