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A PII Rolls-Royce Convertible Victoria

An attractive PII Roll-Royce from the Alden Handy album, without an ID except being dated as 1951. The photo is courtesy of Joe Puleo who also sent this note: We have seen the buildings before and I’m pretty sure this is east 64th Street, outside Inskip’s (NYC). Note the Brewster running boards. Its a LHD…

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A PI Henley Roadster

A photo from the Alden Handy photo album courtesy of Joe Puleo who writes: PI road-ster… I’m guessing this is a Henley, in which case it probably began life as a formal early iron head car updated for resale. Reselling used formal cars was a real chore… they had practically no value so the company…

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A Brewster PI Roadster

A pair of photos from the Alden Handy photo album, showing us the same LH Drive Brewster convertible. The car belonged to Professor Frederick S. Keys of M.I.T. It was painted a soft dark forest green and the photo above was taken at the corner of Newberry and Fairfield Streets in Boston,  during May or…

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A Very Chic Delage

A very attractive Delage coupe from the Alden Handy photo album with the following notes; “Delage 4 passenger sedan Figoni (?) body, taken near Madison and Park Aves., New York City 1st October 1949.” Photo courtesy of Joe Puleo.

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The Famous PII….Chassis 25 EX

Earlier we showed you a photo of this very well known Rolls-Royce, chassis number 25- EX. It was a factory development car that that ended up here in the states. Its history is very well known (read the comments in the earlier post) This photo is dated as being taken during 1953 and is part…

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