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Images from back when Barney Oldfield and Lincoln Beachey barnstormed the land

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  • Barney Oldfield posing in a one-off Simplex Speedcar

Barney Oldfield and Lincoln Beachey, two famous early showmen have been covered here on The Old Motor before. Just found in the collection of the San Diego Air & Space Museum is a photo album that belonged to Warren Samuel Eaton, seen here from it are pre-WWI era photos of the dynamic barnstormers and their machines.

The Museum describes Eaton’s role in early aviation as follows: ”He was born in South Dakota on June 12, 1891 and moved to Los Angeles as a child. He formed Eaton Brothers Aircraft with his brother Frank, and they built several aircraft together. Warren teamed up with Lincoln Beachy and barnstormed with him. He also built some of Beachy’s airplanes. Later, he assisted Glenn Curtiss with the design of an amphibian aircraft”.

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  • Lincoln Beechey with his two Curtiss-type airplanes, one powered by the makers V-8 on the left, and a smaller craft powered by a Gnome rotary engine is seen in the center and on the right

Eaton no doubt, also knew Barney Oldfield as he and Beechey preformed their airplane and car expositions together on racetracks all across the land. Two of the photos posted here from the collection show a pair of Oldfield’s cars. The first car that Barney is seen posing in is a very sporty Simplex at the top of the post, wearing a custom body, it features: wire wheels, a frame-mounted oil tank and Rushmore headlamps. There is a good chance that this car was owned George R. Bentel who had the Pacific Coast distributorships for the Simplex and Mercer automobiles at the time.

The Christie he is posing in below is much more well-known and was used between the 1912 and 1916 period by the speed king. This image gives a very good side-view of the car, including Christie’s assembled metal wheels. Just below are drawings and a photo showing the very interesting details of its construction.

  • C1      C2      C3
  • Oldfield’s Christie featured in the “Automobile”, courtesy of Lee Stohr

If you can tell us anything about the Simplex, or who built the coach work, please send us a comment. You can refer to our earlier articles here on Oldfield and Beachey and also on Barney Oldfield himself. More photos and information on the Simplex can be found here.

  • Barney2
  • Barney Oldfield with the last Christie built, which he drove in up until 1916

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Barney Oldfield vs. Lincoln Beachey for the “Championship of the Universe”


As a follow up on the recent post about pioneer aviator Lincoln Beachey, we have this interesting photo of Oldfield in his Fiat Cyclone and Beachey in his plane racing around a track. Take a close look at the ticket and the printing on it that includes the upside down printing as was also seen in the recent newspaper ad  in the Beachey post. Photo courtesy of Wayne Peterson, great great nephew of Barney Oldfield.

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* Updated * Lincoln Beachey’s Early Barnstorming Flights with Oldfield and Rickenbacker

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  • * See the update * below from Robert Rampton covering the October 11, 1914, appearance advertised in a Salt Lake City newspaper above.

This post highlights an important effort to document the life of aerial performer Lincoln Beachey. Ralph Marrero, author of a book about him, has been actively working to try to keep the story of the famous early aviator alive a century later. Part of the pioneer’s flying career involved performing flamboyant demonstrations while circling an oval track in staged races with both Barney Oldfield and Eddie Rickenbacker. These three larger than life characters put on hundreds of performances across the land entertaining the masses before it ended with Beachey’s tragic last flight and crash.

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  • Lincoln Beachey and two of his airplanes, images - Wikimedia Commons 

A visit with Frank Marrero will reveal the complete story behind the flying marvel and at the same time show you many of the interesting details of the routine Beachey performed with the racers. One of his favorite stunts involved gently knocking Barney’s hat off his head with the front wheel of his airplane while they were both speeding down the front straightaway.

You can also learn more here on The Old Motor about two of Oldfield’s mounts, his Christie and the Fiat Cyclone, (driven by others earlier) both which he used in many of his performances with the aviator. The newspaper ad at the top of this post is of the sort used to announce an engagement by the troupe. It and the photo below are both courtesy of Frank Marrero. A Popular Mechanics article explaining Beachey’s crash.

  • OldB2
  • * Update 2 * Read Ivan Pozgega’s comment below as it appears the motorcyclist  Don Johns raced with the pair on occasion.

* Update 1 * from Robert Rampton: “Love this stuff about Beachey and Oldfield. Here is what I can add about the Lagoon ad. The Lagoon is an amusement park that is located north of Salt Lake City. It came into being in 1886 and continues to this day. From the start, it featured a 1/2 mile dirt track for horse races. During the teens and twenties the track was the scene of many auto and motorcycle races and exhibitions.  On this particular date on October 11, 1914, a crowd of 2,000 spectators watched as Lincoln Beachey staged a full show of stunts. He was the hero of the day. Poor Barney did not fare so well, though. Heavy rains the day before turned the track into a sea of muck and he was unable to race the birdman with his racers.  He did attempt to do an exhibition run in his Christie, but the track was so bad he could barely keep it under control. He backed off the gas in the turns so as not to crash through the fence or into the grandstand. His time for a mile was painfully slow”.

Don’t miss seeing the rare film footage below of a performance held at the Iowa State Fair in August of 1914. In it you will view an actual Lincoln Beachey – Eddie Rickenbacker “race” where Eddie appears to be piloting his Duesenberg racing car. The video is courtesy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum. 

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