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A Unique Cunningham Roadster

A factory photo of a very unique Cunningham roadster, with an attractive model behind the wheel. We have featured an identical Cunningham that Ralph DePalma set records with on the Sheepshead Bay Board track during 1919, the engine of which you can see below. At least one of these roadsters has survived, which we have…

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A Cunningham Coupe

This Cunningham, from our series of photos, appears as if it maybe a convertible coupe and possibly the same Model V-7? as the last one we looked it. Full information on all models is available on the  William Morris, Cunningham history site. Photo courtesy of the Tom Jakeway collection.

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A Cunningham Model V-7 Roadster

This Cunningham Roadster, is the first in a series of factory photos of the marque that we are delighted to be able to share with you. For a good condensed history of the firm, first visit this Cunningham site compiled by William Morris. This Cunningham which appears to be a model V-7?, was built at what…

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Cunningham Record Breaker

Ralph DePalma is shown at the Sheepshead Bay, two and a half mile board track in a Cunningham on November 17, 1919. DePalma set new records with the V-8 powered roadster, covering six miles in three minutes and 57.80 seconds. He covered ten miles in six minutes and 35.40. The Cunningham was a custom built…

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