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A Very Special 1952 Cadillac Revisted

It has only been a few days since we did a post on this fine Harley Earl created master-piece, but since then automotive writer David W. Temple has come forward with much more information and early photos of this car that we are sure you will enjoy seeing. According to Temple, Harold R. Boyer a well connected…

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A Very Special 1952 Cadillac

We knew that this car had to be special when our Christmas card from John and Heather Mozart arrived and a photo of this beautiful 1952 Cadillac was featured inside. The car is a one-off Harley Earl creation, that set the stage for 1953 and the Cadillac El Dorato. The car is such an important…

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1950s Edsel Ford Expressway Temporary Closure

Today’s feature image taken for the “Detroit News” is dated May 21, 1956, and contains a shutdown of one-half of the Edsel Ford Expressway near the Trumbull exit. Two cars have blocked off the highway behind a tie-up and the line of traffic is waiting behind a motorcycle police officer on a Harley-Davidson V-twin. The first section…

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