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The Chadwick Automobile

Two Chadwick photos which are courtesy of Doug Marin a Chadwick enthusiast who believes the 1907 car above was the first six-cylinder Chadwick produced. The photo below shows Wille Haupt in his Chadwick on his way to winning the Giants Despair Climb on May 30, 1908 with a time of 1:38. Doug also added that the factory…

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A Supercharged Chadwick Racing Car

One of our visitors, Doug Marin, a Chadwick enthusiast sent us these two photos of a Chadwick racing car that was supercharged. The blower and the induction system is what the bulges in the hood are covering. The photo above is of Len Zengle, during 1909 in Cleveland, next to a Velie (?) racing car. This…

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A Mason Racing Car

I am going to follow Tony De Setas lead here and post a photo of the Duesenberg Bros. first form of racing car. This car was based on the Mason car they designed and built before going out on their own. It featured an 8-valve engine with long vertical rocker arms or what they called…

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