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Four Fun Thanksgiving Holiday Kodachrome Images

Number One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight of the Kodachrome Image Series begins early this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with a colorful photo of one of the Ford Motor Company’s popular Thunderbird two-seaters. We featured one of these early T-Bird’s recently, but today we are going to pretend the woman driving it traveled home to visit mom and dad…

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Five Fun Fifties Friday Kodachrome Images

Number fifty-five of the Kodachrome Image Series begins with one of the most attractive and iconic of all American cars produced during the fifties. Combined with styling that was popular with the public, the superb layout of the billboard, and the “See The USA In Your Chevrolet” advertising jingle, the sales campaign was a big winner in…

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Five Fun Fifties Saturday Kodachrome Images

Sorry, this feature is a day late, but “The Old New World” Photo Animation Project was released just recently and shown yesterday so you could see it here first. Number fifty-one of the Kodachrome Image Series today begins with the lead image showing Banff, Alberta, that is located within Banff National Park in Canada. Alberta’s spectacular Rocky Mountain…

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