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Double Feature Film – How Packard Proves a Packard

In Part I of the two 1929 films, above, How Packard Proves a Packard, you can witness the details of the impressive facilities at the Proving Grounds. The company refers to the testing as being for the Seventh Series (1930) models, but the cars in use actually appear to be from the Sixth Series (1929). You can also see the Packard Towing Dynamometer being used for testing purposes.

In Part II, below, in addition to seeing more test routines at the complex, you will view a 1930 Seventh Series 745 Sedan which completed a ten thousand mile test run in less than ten days at an average of sixty eight MPH. And finally, see a tour of the Test Garages and Laboratory and watch an engine under test in the Dynamometer Room. You can look forward to seeing more interesting period Packard films here soon. Videos courtesy of King Rose Archives.

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A Packard for Every Pocketbook in Vancouver, B.C.,1936


There may have been some snow on the sidewalk in front of the Consolidated Motor Company Limited showroom on this gloomy winter’s day, but things were much brighter  inside. A banner in the window announced that the new 1936 Packards were on display. The February 18th date of this photo was very much in keeping with Packard’s disregard for the annual model change that had become the custom with virtually every other manufacturer. Starting in 1923, Packard used it’s own “Series” designation to denote new models rather than introducing them each calendar year.


The 1935 Packard 120 Club Sedan parked at the curb marks first year of that lower priced line. Many credit this modern looking successor to the Light Eight line and the later 115 with saving the company’s bacon during the Great Depression when demand for their more luxurious cars declined. It’s style contrasts with the classic proportions of the 1933 or 1934 coupe directly in front of it. Packard’s rich history has made it a favorite subject for us here at The Old Motor, where you’ll find almost sixty pages of posts devoted to the brand. Our photo by Stuart Thomson is courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

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Adirondack Garage and Patience Yields an Untouched 1929 Packard Roadster “Barn Find”

  • Pack1
  • The Packard as found after a slumber of some fifty plus years in its garage.

Daniel Strohl of Hemming Daily has come up with a very interesting story about a one-owner “barn find” 1929 Packard Model 633. The Runabout has been resting since about 1960 at the family’s summer home in Schroon Lake, New York. Follow along as he tells the tale of its recent discovery:

“Paul Tacy wasn’t even sure he had the right place. The Adirondack’s are full of long-forgotten barns, garages, and other structures, and nothing on the outside of this particular white ramshackle shed gave a clue as to what lay within. A no-trespassing sign tacked to the front looked like it had weathered there since at least before the Reagan administration, leaves and pine needles had carpeted the roof, and a good six inches of dirt and detritus blocked the doors. Still, Paul wedged one of the doors open a little bit, reached his hand and a camera inside, and took perhaps the first photo in more than 50 years of the 1929 Packard Model 633 Runabout that would become his and that would, with a little work, go on to win a best in show award on its first outing”.

  • Pack2
  • After cutting down a number of trees, pulling up the stumps and clearing the way the Packard emerges into the daylight for the first time in decades.

“Paul, who comes from a long line of Packard enthusiasts and collectors, said over the years he and his family had heard of a Packard tucked away in the Adirondack’s, but chalked up the stories to urban legend. “We heard so many things, we didn’t know what was what,” he said. It wasn’t until he heard the same story from Chuck Stoodley that Paul began to assign some legitimacy to the stories. “I kept following up with Chuck until finally he was able to remember the name of the road – Charley Hill Road in Schroon Lake – which is just a half-hour from my house”.

  • Pack4       Pack3       Pack5
  • The garage as found – Old inspection stickers – After a shave and a shampoo.

“The Packard was bought in Glens Falls in July 1929 by a man who worked on Wall Street in Manhattan and whose family lived in New York City,” Paul said. “He always kept it at the house in Schroon Lake, which was the family’s summer home, and when he died sometime in the 1960s, the family just walked away from the house and the property. They still paid the taxes on it, but they didn’t go up there at all”.

  • Pack6
  • The original owner poses with his Packard in the Adirondack’s.

To learn the rest of the story, view more photos and see how the Packard went on to take a Best of Show win recently, visit Hemmings Daily and read the rest of Daniel Strohl’s story.

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