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A Packard Service Car in Hartford, Connecticut

Billed as a “lightweight express Service Car at the local Packard Service Station” in the Hartford Courant newspaper where this photo first appeared, what we have here is very nicely done conversion that most likely first left the Packard works as a roadster, probably in 1924 or later. In those days, it was not unusual for an automobile…

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Packard on Land, Sea and Air Worldwide

Before the debut of the first Volvo in 1927, Swedish car buyers were entirely dependent on imports. While they often chose European automobiles, a surprising number of American built cars found their way into their garages. Case in point is this big 1928 Packard 443 convertible sedan with a rarely seen custom body by Norrmalms of…

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A Pair of Postwar Packards

Glen S. Cook & Son, Commercial Photographers of Albany, New York were practicing their craft on these big top-of-the-line 23rd Series 1949 Custom Eight sedans, very possibly at the L.R. Mack Agency, in these undated photographs. Mack had been the distributor for Packard automobiles in Albany, N.Y. and the surrounding territory for many years, opening up…

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