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Duesenberg Marine Engines

Thanks to Tom Jakeway for sending in an article that was in the September 1916 issue of Motor Boating magazine. It shows you an eight and six-cylinder versions of the  Duesenberg walking beam engine that we have been covering recently. This eight-cylinder engine was built by the Loew-Victor Engine Company in Chicago. It was a…

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Rochester-Duesenberg Engines

We have covered much of the information and photos about the Model A Duesenberg and also their airplane engines which is in the Fred Roe Collection. We will now move onto covering the engine design that they sold after having used it extensively in racing. After WWI The Duesenberg Brothers had decided to change from…

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The Duesenberg V-12 Aircraft Engine

The Duesenberg Brothers in addition to their pre-WWI racing activities, used the knowledge from their racing pursuits to explore other ways to use their engines. The two other routes they chose were boat racing and airplane engines. The first airplane engine they constructed was an enlarged version of the 16-valve four-cylinder auto racing engine that…

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