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A Duesenberg Stock Offering

An interesting advertising piece for a stock offering when the Model A Duesenberg was in its developement stages. Of interest is the plan view of the chassis show a design that had not been finalized, as we clearly see the early version on the straight eight walking-beam engine. Fred Roe Collection ad, courtesy of Racemaker…

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Model A Duesenberg Chassis Development

Our last look at the Model A Duesenberg chassis, showed the first prototype chassis along with the walking-beam engine the brothers first developed for it. Fred and Auggie Duesenberg decided not to use that engine and instead, designed a sohc straight eight engine that was much more in line with what they had used in…

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The Sunday Edition No. VIII – The Parking Problem Solved – The Disturber IV – A Pickwick NightCoach – A Studebaker Electric Car Hauler

Today’s Sunday Edition video was filmed in France during 1927 and shows a Citroen with its steering modified so that it can turn around in a circle. An interesting thing noted about this car is that the front axle has the same proportions of that used on the Model T Ford and appears that it may be one. Let us…

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