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An early Cameron automomobile mystery

This is the second in a series of very clear and interesting Cameron photos that are being posted here on The Old Motor. Information on the make is scarce, so it is not known exactly what purpose this early Cameron was built for. Based on the stripped-down appearance of the unique early four cylinder with…

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The Power Of The Hour

A very nice ad displaying the Rochester-Duesenberg walking beam engine, copyrighted 1919. The engine (above) followed after the Duesenberg Brothers sold the rights to the Rochester Motors Co. to manufacture a production version of the early eight-valve racing engine. The engines where used by assembled car makers and ended up being installed in the following makes;…

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A Mason Racing Car

I am going to follow Tony De Setas lead here and post a photo of the Duesenberg Bros. first form of racing car. This car was based on the Mason car they designed and built before going out on their own. It featured an 8-valve engine with long vertical rocker arms or what they called…

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