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Perhaps a Brandy will Calm Your Motoring Nerves Sir?

While we do not advocate drinking and driving, it looks like drinking and riding might have been the order of the day as seen here some 110 years ago. This photo of a 1903 – 04 Winton and its crew of riders was captioned as being taken in Plainfield, New Jersey, and it appears the butler was serving a round to a few of the riders in the car.

Accessories of note added to the car: a picnic basket on the side of the rear-entrance tonneau coachwork, a Rushmore searchlight has been added to a yoke in front of the radiator and it appears to possibly have had a speedometer added to the dash on the top left hand side.

The 1902 Winton two-cylinder model was a 15 h.p. machine and shared a similar outward appearance to the Pup (above) that was introduced in September of 1902 as the 1903 model, a more powerful 20 h.p. machine. Both Alexander Winton’s Winton Bullet and the Pup were fast cars for the time and the records that the two cars set in 1-5 mile runs during 1902 can be seen (below) from an article in the Automobile and Motor Review October 4, 1902 issue.

Alexander Winton can be seen here in the Winton Bullet #1 and the Winton Bullets No. 2 and No. 3  can also be viewed on Ormond Beach in 1904 with drivers Oldfield and Graham.

It appears that both the 1903 model and the 1904 two-cylinder machines shared the same specifications (see photos below). Winton also listed a four-cylinder Quad in 1904 and you can also see the style of the later four-cylinder 1905 -06 Winton machines here.  You can take a look back here on The Old Motor and see another interesting photo of a 1903 -04 Winton that was hawking Socony gasoline in Vermont.

L to R (below); Horseless Age November 25, 1903 showing the “Perfected” 1904 Model, The Automobile January 3, 1903, complete details telling of how the 1903 car is “built along the lines of the 1902 car”, the Horseless Age June 29, 1904 stating “Winton is King- It wears the crown of excellence”


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