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Doctor A.R. Baker and His Oldsmobile Touring car

  • Olds1The Doctor and party in his 1906 Model “S” Oldsmobile Palace Touring Car, pose at an unknown location near Vancouver B.C. 

Doctors, salesman and others that needed to travel in conjunction with their job were amongst the first to take advantage of the automobile. Using a motor vehicle allowed a practitioner to see more patients a day, while spending less time traveling. In many cases, it was less expensive to buy and run a car in comparison with the cost of a team of horses, and the expenses involved in the care and feeding of them. Travel the old fashioned way by a M.D. could at times be long and arduous, as can be learned at Stories of Frontier Settlement Doctors.

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  • In the center is an advertisement from ”Automobile Topics”, December 1905, covering the new Model S and giving many details of its construction 

1906 was only the second year of production at Oldsmobile, of a larger car with a front mounted 4.25-inch bore x 4.75-inch stroke four cylinder engine of 269 CI; it was an L-head and rated at 26 to 28 HP. It featured a three speed sliding-gear transmission and a shaft-driven bevel gear rear axle. A battery ignition system was used, which consisted of four dash-mounted coils. A gravity-feed gas tank was under the front seat and it was equipped with a Holley carburetor.

Below is an advertisement that appeared in the June 13, 1906, The Horseless Age, touting the abilities of the car. Like many other automakers did at the time, Olds ran a series of these ads promoting its “200-hour non-stop run made in Detroit” and “a record run from New York to Poughkeepsie without changing the high speed gear”.


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